Do lactation teas work?

Do lactation teas work?

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Many women maintain that drinking lactation teas helps increase milk production. Unfortunately, this has not been clearly confirmed so far.

Scientists suggest that herbs can change the taste of mother's milk in such a way that the toddler suck more willingly, longer and more calmly: this is how the (not direct, but indirect) impact of mixtures on milk production is explained.

What herbs are used to make lactation teas?

The most commonly used are:

  • fennel
  • anise
  • cumin

Herbs such as:

  • fenugreek
  • czarnuszka
  • medical mucosa
  • lemon balm
  • nettle
  • lemon balm,
  • verbena,
  • anise
  • caraway,
  • milk thistle,
  • common chamomile

In turn, they inhibit lactation sage, parsley, walnut leaves and mint.

How to choose a lactation tea?

When choosing lactation tea, make sure that the herbs obtained for its production they came from controlled crops, and their purity was indisputable and there was no doubt. Some producers guarantee obtaining ingredients from ecological crops.

It is worth after a few weeks of using infusions, change the composition of herbs to increase the chance of successful treatment. However, if the problem with milk production does not pass after a few days, after frequent feeding of the baby to the breast, and we really care about breastfeeding, preferably look for the cause of reduced milk production, which gives the best chance for long feeding of natural food to the baby.

Some lactation teas they don't have the best taste although the assessment of their value is a very individual matter.

Their effectiveness is rated very high by some young mothers, while other teas are considered to be of little use in long-term use. What do you think?

How many lactation teas can you drink per day?

You can drink two to three lactation teas a day.

Do it yourself: lactation tea

Packaging of lactation teas (about 20 pieces) costs around PLN 6-10. The herbal mixture can also be prepared by yourself. Just mix in the same proportions black seed, cumin, anise, fennel, fennel and fenugreek. Then three tablespoons of crushed seeds of the mixture pour three glasses of boiling water, cover for 10 minutes, strain. We drink 3 to 4 times a day for one glass of infusion. We can sweeten with honey.

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