MEN conceals the facts

MEN conceals the facts

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Rzeczpospolita announced on August 15 that it has once again caught the Ministry of National Education concealing the truth.

It turns out that the ministry is hiding from the public inconvenient facts about the reform lowering the compulsory age of school education from seven to six years. He cites the results of surveys and social studies, bypassing the information against the reform.

For several months in the form of a loud informational campaign, or rather propaganda, to encourage parents of six-year-olds to send their children to school, Education Minister Krystyna Szumilas refers to CBOS 2011 study "Education of young children", which apparently shows that parents who decided to send their children to school early are more satisfied with it than parents who left their children in kindergartens.

After the intervention of 'Rzeczpospolita' and repeatedly demanding a reply and sharing data from CBOS, to which Szumilas refers, the document was finally published on the website of the Ministry of National Education. Unfortunately, not on the main page, but on one of the subpages. Not exposed at all, or actually hidden, so that getting to it from the very beginning would be difficult.

Reading the research results turned out to be equally interesting ... It turned out that the data cited by the Ministry of National Education look completely different ... and the level of satisfaction of parents who sent children to school before is an argument against reform.

What does the survey contain? Namely information that 63% of respondents said that school education should start from the age of 7, and 76% of parents of children aged 4 and 5 replied that if they had a choice, they would send children as young as 7 years old.

How do you explain the Ministry of National Education from providing false information to the public? Why does he resort to such dishonest acts when pushing the bill? And why does he change the explanation three times now? You can read here.