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5 sentences that are better not to tell childless friends

5 sentences that are better not to tell childless friends

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Every conscious parent knows how much the life situation changes and even the way of thinking after childbirth. The situation of childless people looks quite different, sometimes having a big problem with understanding the motives of their loved ones, friends who have children. Also, these "children" often do not improve these relationships by saying many sentences that they should not say. Which are particularly out of place? What not to tell people who don't have children?

  1. Only people who have children are really mature / Living without children makes no sense. Do you know this: carefree life, quick action, no planning required, spontaneity and even crazy ideas of childless friends? Do you sometimes wonder at their reasoning? You can't understand how it's possible that they are still doing somehow? Do you feel that you survived more, you know better, you belong to those in the know? You can think so. You have the right to do so, but save yourself such comments, even if the language itself wants to speak ...
  2. The dog is not a child. Do you accuse friends of stories about the toddler's progress, talk about the first words, steps and even learn to potty, show pictures from family trips, and your friends echo stories of the achievements of your beloved pet? They speak because they share what is important to them, so listen and do not hurt. Even if the dog is not a child :)
  3. Do you think you are (put in ...) Try with children ... Too often, we parents feel somewhat undervalued, or just annoyed by the complaints of those without children, that we are uttering sentences that are to emphasize our difficult situation, or on the contrary: resourcefulness in life.
  4. He doesn't worry as soon as you have children.... By saying so, you can hurt because our friends may not have children because of illness, the inability to get pregnant, maybe they have been trying for months, or they are simply not planning any offspring ...?
  5. Is it possible to come with children to the party? Not everyone likes being with children. When they are planning a meeting, they want to spend time in an adult circle. Therefore, if we were clearly not invited with the kids, it is better not to force their invitation from the hosts.

Will you add something to this list? What sentences are better not to say to children?