The most popular names in Ecuador for boys

The most popular names in Ecuador for boys

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It is still difficult to get the baby's name right. The influences to choose the name of your child come from different areas, from family tradition, to personal whim, through fashions or television characters. In any case, you always have to keep the baby in mind and choose a name that suits him.

The families of Ecuador They have a common denominator when it comes to naming the baby and that is that most opt ​​for compound names. Thus, the list of frequent names in Ecuador is made up of combinations of traditional and classic names.

1. Juan Carlos. Juan's Hebrew origin meets Carlos's Germanic origin in a combination of tradition and familiarity. This boy's name is not without its distinctive touch and both names can work as well together as they do separately.

2. José Luis. We find again the combination of a Hebrew origin, that of José, plus a Germanic origin, that of Luis. This compound name evokes nobility and height, while keeping his personality unrelated to fashion.

3. Luis Alberto. It is a name of Germanic origin that combines two of the most frequent names for boys in Ecuador. The strength of both names makes us find them among the most popular names, forming infinite combinations.

4. Michelangelo. The Hebrew origin of Miguel joins the Greek origin of Angel to form one of the most popular compound names in Ecuador and in the rest of the Hispanic world. This name that was once carried by one of the greatest artists of the Renaissance may be perfect for your child.

5. Victor Hugo. The name combines the Latin origin of Victor with the Germanic origin of Hugo in one of the most appreciated names for its literary flavor, but also because the combination of these two familiar names results in a name with personality, original and fresh.

6. Carlos Alberto. The name has a Germanic origin and is made up of two of the most popular names in the entire Hispanic world. If Carlos contributes the strength, Alberto contributes the distinction, thus forming one of the compound names for a boy with more personality.

7. Jorge Luis. The Greek origin of Jorge joins the Germanic origin of Luis in a combination that exudes roots, tradition and familiarity. It is a compound name that inspires trust and respect and that provides an original and distinguished touch.

8. Luis Fernando. It is a compound name of Germanic origin that combines two of the most popular names for boys. The result is a loud and powerful name that can be perfect to reinforce the personality of your child.

9. Marco Antonio. Marco's Latin origin joins Antonio's Etruscan origin to shape a composite name that has managed to maintain its popularity since ancient times. We are facing one of the names that impress due to their historical importance and the personality they bring.

10. Julius Caesar. It is a name of Latin origin that also stands out because it comes directly from ancient Rome. Few names manage to maintain the qualities of both frequent and original for centuries. Julio César is one of them, so it is a safe bet for your child.

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