Riddles in verse for children

Riddles in verse for children

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Riddles are logic games that we can use with children to stimulate their ability to reason. It's a great way to learn while playing.

In we offer you a series of very original riddles in verse, so that children, in addition to enhancing their logic, develop their memory.

1. A hundred lizards and a sparrow
How many spikes and legs are there?

2. A little trick this fish has
that not everyone knows:
if you remove the ene from his name,
it goes and turns into a bird.

3. It is a question without deception,
put your mind to work:
What will be the day of the year
in which fewer people are born?

4. There are cats in a drawer,
every cat in a corner,
each cat sees three cats
Do you know how many cats there are?

5. One thing I ask of you,
I don't know if you will give it to me
Look it up in the verse
Written you will find it,
If you give me what I ask of you,
Forget me you will not be able

6. Going to Villavieja
I came across seven old women.
Every old woman seven sacks,
each sack seven sheep.
How many old women, sacks and sheep
were they going to Villavieja?


1. One beak and no legs

2. Anguilla.

3. February 29

4. There are three cats

5. Match the capital letters to find the solution.

6. None of you went to Villavieja.

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