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Inflatable jumper

Inflatable jumper

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Want to play like a Tigger from Stumilowy Las? A child dreams about it. The inflatable jumper is perfect for this. The toy allows not only to bounce in place, but also to move. All you have to do is grab your ears firmly, jump and push your feet - an energetic boy can gain high speed and quickly achieve perfection in this way of movement. For younger children, mastering the art of jumping and moving on a jumper is a perfect training of necessary motor skills. Improving balance, concentration and coordination of movements.

I recommend the toy shown in the picture to children aged for about 2 years because of the need to maintain balance, but also because of the need to achieve adequate growth necessary for free play.

The jumpers are made of quite strong, thick rubber, the whole can be inflated with a pump, and after all the fun deflate and store in a closet. It's also easy to keep the toy clean, injust wipe with a wet cloth. The jumper will improve the baby's balance, shape the muscles and support motor coordination.

In addition a toy stimulates motor development, which is especially important in rehabilitation.

The prices of jumpers are different: they range from 30 to 70 zlotys, it all depends on the color, material (some are covered with soft plush), shape and of course the manufacturer's offer.

Disadvantages? I have not found.