The ox and the cicada. Children's Fables of Iriarte

The ox and the cicada. Children's Fables of Iriarte

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In you can find the fable of Iriarte, 'The ox and the cicada'. A little fable with a moral or children's legend that teaches children to understand the behavior of others.

Envy is one of the biggest and most common sins committed by both adults and children. And Iriarte, in this fable, tries to explain to the little ones what envy consists of.

Plowing was the ox, and every way

a cicada, singing said to him:

Oh! What a crooked furrow you have made!

But he answered her: My lady,

if the rest were not right,

you did not know the crooked.

Street, then, lazy cicada reparona;

that I serve my master well, and he forgives me,

among so many successes, an oversight.

Look who made whose charge so futile!

A cicada to the most useful animal!

But if you have understood me

the one who dares to cross out

in large works a slight defect?

Moral: Very foolish and envious is someone who makes a little careless in a large work ugly.

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