Easy and nutritious recipes with avocado

Easy and nutritious recipes with avocado

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Avocado is a typical fruit of tropical and Mediterranean climatess. Its properties are less known when compared to other fruits, however, it is a very beneficial food for children and pregnant women.

Despite containing some fat, it is not considered harmful, they are monounsaturated fats, such as omega3 fatty acids, and it helps to have high energy levels. The avocado, among other nutrients, has protein, potassium, zinc and folic acid.

On our site we offer you a series of easy and healthy recipes made with a delicious fruit: avocado.

Avocado cream. Nutritious recipe full of vitamins, zucchini, avocado and broccoli, ideal for children but also for the rest of the family. Discover how to prepare this rich cream step by step.

Avocado salad. To accompany the meat in the Christmas meal, our site brings you the recipe for the celery and avocado salad, a traditional Chilean dish that is quite healthy for children.

Avocado with salmon. Avocado canape with smoked salmon. our site offers us a quick and easy recipe for Christmas and other celebrations. An aperitif to serve to friends and family before lunch or dinner.

Avocado ice cream. Avocado lolly or ice cream for children. Guiainfantil offers you a step-by-step recipe for avocado ice cream for the children's snack or dessert. Avocado is a tropical fruit that offers many health benefits for children.

Spaghetti with avocado. On our site we suggest you start introducing avocado into your children's diet by adding it to pasta, they won't be able to resist. These spaghetti with avocado are delicious!

Avocado lobster. Avocado, a very energetic food full of vitamins ... ideal for the growth of children, especially if you combine it with fish in this fun recipe for avocado 'lobster'.

Banderillas with avocado. Banderillas are one of the starters that most entertain children. Tomato, cheese and avocado skewers for Christmas dinner. How to make a tomato, cheese and avocado starter for children. Skewers and starters for Christmas.

Male nachos. Macho nachos recipe. our site offers us the step of a Mexican recipe, step by step. An easy and quick recipe to prepare, ideal for an aperitif or a starter, for children.

Homemade nachos. How to make homemade tortilla chips or nachos. The nachos are a typical Mexican appetizer, ideal to put before eating or to accompany some dishes. Children will love eating them and we can accompany them with different sauces and even vegetables.

Homemade guacamole. Homemade guacamole for children. Kids will love eating guacamole at parties or family meals. This sauce is widely used in Mexico to accompany tacos, fajitas, cakes or meats. It is made with avocado and is one of the most traditional dishes in Mexico

Christmas tree with guacamole. Christmas tree with guacamole. Christmas canapes for children. Learn how to prepare original appetizers and starters for Christmas lunch or Christmas Eve dinner. Canape shaped like a Christmas tree.

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