Tips for baby's first room

Tips for baby's first room

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Your belly does not stop growing and every day it takes less for you to hold your baby in your arms. Time passes very quickly and many times you feel overwhelmed with what you still have to do. One of this is the preparation of your baby's room.

Before my daughter was born, I was very clear that the walls of her room would be a very light yellow and that the furniture would be lacquered in white. We liked the combination. Well, that's how we did it, just as we had dreamed it. Lots of light, tranquility and illusion. It was beautiful! Like me, many parents are clear about how they want their baby's room. But, there are details that are worth remembering, and that can be included in the list of things for the baby, if a comfortable and functional room is desired:

1. The model of the crib It is important, but it must be in accordance with the safety, comfort and resistance of the furniture so that the baby can rest without running any type of risk.

2. Avoid putting heavy objects on the cribsuch as bookshelves, ceiling fans, paintings and pendant lamps.

3. The clearer the room, the better. That everything has its place, toys, clothes, etc. Avoid leaving little things in the center of the room to prevent you from tripping over an object or furniture.

4. No exaggeration in terms of furniture. Choose only the ones that you will really use, that is, the crib, a bedside table, a dresser with drawers, a comfortable chair, a toy box, and a trash can.

5. Pick a baby room that is close to yours. This way you can serve them more easily.

6. Look for soft colors both for the walls and for the furniture in the room. Colors have an effect on babies. The lighter the better. They will transmit tranquility to them, and will influence their sleep.

7. The baby's bedroom should be well lit and ventilated, to avoid humidity, mites, and the consequent allergies.

8. Cleanliness is essential. In the first months, mainly, avoid putting rugs in your baby's room. You will be avoiding the concentration of dust and dirt.

9. Tranquility is the key word to get an ideal room for the baby. If possible, have a good sound insulation.

10. For the arrangement of furniture, you can use techniques such as Feng Shui. I know people who have followed it and who say it is worth it.

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