Infant enuresis: When to go to a specialist?

Infant enuresis: When to go to a specialist?

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Wetting the bed at night is considered by most parents as an oversight, a specific event or a claim for attention by the little ones, which means that 70 percent of cases are undiagnosed and that only 20 percent of parents go to a pediatrician or a specialist to help their children.

Parents must take two essential steps when faced with the problem of our child wetting his bed: the first, to recognize the problem of enuresis; and the second, treat it normally. In the opinion of specialists, we must control this problem, through prevention and early detection of enuresis, taking into account and considering some circumstances.

- When it is negatively influencing the emotional and mental state of the child, that of the parents or the family dynamics.

- When after a long period of toilet training, the child suddenly begins to wet the bed again.

- If the urine has a bad smell.

- If it hurts or stings when you pee.

- If you urinate much more than usual, especially if it is accompanied by great thirst or unexplained weight loss or for any other reason.

- If you urinate many times, but in small amounts.

- If you suffer from severe constipation.

As enuresis is an eminently benign pathology, su diagnosis is relatively straightforward. The specialist will generally take into account:

- The medical history, in which the pediatrician will ask if there is a family history of enuresis or the technique used to control sphincters.

- The voiding diary for a better evaluation of the case. It consists of keeping a count of the number of daily urinations and their approximate volume, for 3 or 7 days.

- Physical examination that includes weight, height and blood pressure, as well as palpation of the abdomen, assessment of the genital and anal area, and of the nervous reflexes in the area and legs.

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