Bow-legged children

Bow-legged children

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We say that we are dealing with “legs bowed out” or genu varus when the child's ankles touch and the knees part. To get an idea of ​​the importance of the genu varus, the doctor will measure the distance between the two knees. It is considered normal if the distance between the two is less than 6 cm, and if there is symmetry in the size of the two lower limbs.

Throughout the development of the child, there are certain phases in which the legs normally have a somewhat "arched" appearance, resembling a hoop. It is what is known as "physiological genu varus". This fact is especially evident in newborns, and a little less with the beginning of the march, around the year-year and a half of life. This condition does not usually generate any kind of discomfort. Beyond this age, it must always be borne in mind that there are variants of normality (there are families with a discreet and inconsequential arch of the legs).

Bow legs can become a problem in a small percentage of cases:

- Blount's disease: It is a disease of unknown cause, which affects young children and adolescents, and in which the internal part of the tibia does not develop correctly. This fact leads to abnormal and progressive angulation of the tibia. The involvement can be unilateral or bilateral. Overweight, obesity, short stature and early ambulation are risk factors for the onset of this disease. Its diagnosis requires clinical suspicion and a radiological examination. For its treatment, corrective devices are used in the first instance. In certain cases, surgery is required.

- In rickets:there is a certain tendency to genu varus, which in turn can lead to knee pain. Its treatment consists of administering vitamin D.

- In some primary bone diseases called "bone dysplasias", we can find an important genu varus. They usually require surgical treatment.

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