Pros and cons of babysitting, grandparents and schools to take care of the baby

Pros and cons of babysitting, grandparents and schools to take care of the baby

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When mom and dad work, they generally choose their baby's caregiver from three options: a babysitter, grandparents, and daycare. We spoke with Maria Isabel Echeverri, Infant educator infant educator, master's degree in Psychology and Child Mental Health specialist, who gave us various advice for the chosen option.

1. Baby sister. To discover how our son is doing with the babysitter or babysitter, the expert recommends "being clear about those little details that show us if my son is not happy, the way she approaches him and the child approaches her." Analyze the behavior when arriving home and if he clings to mother and does not let go "and if, after the adjustment period, when leaving him with her he still cries" warns the educator.

Observing him and talking to him, when he is already speaking, will allow parents to feel calm or change babysitting or care options for their child.

2. Grandparents: There are people who count on grandparents for short periods of time, there are other people who, due to their economic capacity or cultural issues, choose grandparents as caregivers.

In this regard, the infant educator thinks “we cannot say if it is good or bad but it is very important that from the beginning the rules are clear and that is where we fail” She adds that if the grandparents are the ones who are doing the work of caregivers they must comply function "to be tender and affectionate but also to mark the limits so that children can educate themselves as they should be", he concludes.

3. Nursery, nursery or kindergarten room: "I think it is an act of love and faith to deliver them to a nursery," says the expert. Parents increasingly choose this option because they do not have someone they trust to leave their children.

He says that it is a very good alternative, and that mothers "feel more anguished at first when leaving him in a strange place, where he will not be alone but there are other babies they have to take care of." He adds that they should investigate well in what type of nursery, garden or kindergarten the child will be left by making a previous visit and choosing it by probing opinions of other parents.

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