The good and the bad of baby hair accessories

The good and the bad of baby hair accessories

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There are many mothers and fathers who want to decorate the heads of babies with hair ornaments. There are all kinds of accessories to put on the hair of newborns and also in babies of several months.Headbands, bows, small crowns... however, not all are suitable for such young children. We find which accessories or accessories are the most suitable for the baby's hair.

- Accessories to avoid for the baby's head

The heads of babies are very delicate, and although it is irresistible to put certain ornamentsIt is advisable to know that these should not squeeze the cranial area at any time. Therefore, we must forget about those tiaras that are too small, as they could damage the back of the ears, which is where they are normally attached. It is also advisable to be very careful with ties for the hair That they are small, because being loose or tiny they could take them off and put them in their mouth, something that could end in a scare. This could cause suffocation, so it is advisable to do without them.

Also, hair accessories like bows or crowns They can damage the baby's scalp, which is constantly growing, and even make the hair itself much weaker. This hair damage occurs because hair is much more fragile than that of adults and can break much more easily due to ornaments, both when putting them on and when removing them. You also have to be careful until they are older and have thicker hair with hairpins or pins due to the risk of swallowing them if they are removed, or of catching their fingers with the clamp they carry.

- Ornaments that can be put on babies

The most recommended supplements for young children are those that don't squeeze baby's head, which are not very big or annoying, but neither would they be excessively small or cause accidents. One of the best options are hair bands, which are consistent enough not to cause problems if they are removed or started by themselves. These are bands with an elastic inside that are usually lined with fabric, and that are placed around the baby's head without making him feel uncomfortable.

Another good option are headbands, that are not too heavy so that they do not cause any type of headaches or neck pain. If they are consistent and wear cotton pads behind the baby's ears, they do not have to hurt them as is the case with tiaras.

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