Children always tell the truth

Children always tell the truth

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Have you ever been in a rush because your kids suddenly said the wrong thing to do? Spontaneity, also in the children's language We always find it funny, but sometimes it has put us in a bind. And it is that his innocence and naivety, and his ability to synthesize under his prism various realities of the world, are priceless.

For example, one of the most embarrassing situations in which I have been involved was when I approached to congratulate a neighbor that I had not seen for months on her pregnancy. While she made me wonder, her small daughter who was by her side, she said to me: nooo, she's fat! At that moment, I admit that I did not know where to go and I only said to myself: earth, swallow me!

Another anecdote that I remember, happened a couple of months ago when they called me from college to tell me that my son has fallen and injured his knee. While the teacher tried to reassure me saying that everything was under control, but that surely he had to be taken to the hospital to give stitches, I heard in the background a boy who said that his bone was visible. And indeed, it was. The cut of the wound it was so deep that when the bandage was removed in the ER, I too could see my son's knee bone.

As we get older, we lose that spontaneity and that naivety typical of childhood to become politically correct adults. We gain in education and lose in freshness when we learn to keep the type in embarrassing situations, but above all we gain in empathy and in diplomatic arts. We teach our children to think before we speak so as not to say the first thing that comes to mind.

The truth that falls like a vase of cold water, without sweeteners or preservatives, can hurt the sensitivity of the person who listens and when we become adults we should use the rules of diplomacy so that we are not called shameless. And it is that while that cheek is funny when it comes from a little boy, it can even be considered offensive when it comes from an adult. Do you think naturalness and spontaneity are values in danger of extinction? Head over to Facebook and leave us your comment on the official page of

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