How to Channel Anger in Children

How to Channel Anger in Children

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Each child experiences emotions differently, although anger is often one of the hardest emotions to control, especially from 2 or 3 years. However, this period can be extended until adolescence if you do not teach them to manage their anger properly.

Anger is neither a positive nor a negative emotion, it has the function of defending us against some injustice. The problem is not anger itself but the consequences that not managing it properly can bring. Therefore, it is important that from the beginning, you take into account the tips that we propose below.

- Be the role model: It is logical that sometimes, you have a bad day and do not have so much patience but if you want him to channel anger properly, you have to start with yourself. It is also important that you stay calm because emotions are contagious and if you are upset, surely your child's anger will increase in duration and intensity.

- Recognize and express emotions: In most cases, until we name what happens to us, it is difficult for us to channel it. If your child is young, it is best that you identify the emotion and ask him what is happening to give him the opportunity to tell you. At other times, the degree of anger is such that he will not let us help him. If you don't like being bullied when you're angry either, let him have a space. That does not mean that it will not be talked about. In those cases, it is best to take advantage of some other quiet time during that day to return to chat about what happened. In this way, he will feel heard and together you can discover the reasons for his anger and be able to prevent it the next time.

- Give him tools to express his anger: It is important to ask yourself how you manage to do it to convey it to him. The first impulse when we are angry is to be aggressive: hitting, yelling, hitting… Therefore, try to channel it in a way that does not harm him or others. To do this, he must counteract it by doing activities that are incompatible with being angry, if possible artistic or manual, in order not to feed anger with his negative thoughts such as drawing, writing, doing crafts ... Each child must explore which is his.

- Teach him to burn the extra energy that anger supplies you: There are several options, but it has been proven that sport helps a lot to relieve tension and also allows you to disconnect from that tense moment for which you are living. In addition, the mere fact of moving away for a moment from the anger will reduce its intensity a lot and see it from another point of view. Getting that extra time to distance yourself is very important. For example: going for a run, cycling, stretching ... On other occasions, yoga and relaxation obtain the same benefits in those specific moments since they increase their control over their body and manage it in a calm way through breathing .

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