How the arrival of the first baby influences the couple

How the arrival of the first baby influences the couple

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The birth of the first child It is one of the most beautiful experiences that exists and although motherhood and fatherhood are stages that are lived with great enthusiasm, they also mean the arrival of changes in the way of life that can affect the couple in different ways.

The new member of the family takes all the attention of the parents, and the space and time that before was two now is completely occupied by the attention that the baby requires.

In general, recent dads have decided to go one step further in their relationship with the decision to father a child, taking into account the responsibilities That this entails.

Caring for the baby will affect the couple's day-to-day life and the division of tasks such as breast-feed, changing diapers, baths, walks and, ultimately, it will involve less sleep and dedication to both the partner and himself.

The mother sees her life altered to a greater degree due to recovery period necessary after childbirth, breastfeeding and maternity leave, if you are a working woman. On some occasions, there may be cases of postpartum depression that will require psychological treatment and the support of the partner.

On the other hand, sexual relations can also be altered with the arrival of the baby. Tiredness and the attention that the little one requires can cause a decrease in frequency that they used to have before birth or pregnancy and eventually cause frustration.

In addition, new parents tend to have overprotective attitudes towards the baby for fear that something bad will happen to him, which can also cause the appearance of conflicts within the couple.

First, it is important that parents commit to having a baby, being aware of the responsibility that this stage entails, and never looking for the arrival of a child as a possible solution for the relationship problems.

When the baby is born, it is common for the mother to try to carry all the responsibility of the upbringing on her shoulders, even if she feels exhausted. For this reason it is recommended that let your partner help and even by grandparents, uncles or friends, who may thus also be participants in the arrival of the new member to the family.

In the case of new parents, the opposite is usually the case, that feel displaced or even a hindrance when taking care of the little one. The father does not have to position himself as a mere observer, but must participate in the process and gradually enjoy the father-son bond that will be created.

Regarding the household chores and the care of the newborn, it is advisable to do a equitable distribution to avoid work overload and conflicts that may arise from this issue.

On the other hand, it is important that the couple's relationship is not neglected. Although the baby completely absorbs the attention of the parents in the first months, it is also essential that they spend intimate moments together and that keep a communication heals about the wonderful period they are living.

Patricia Garcia.

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