Benefits of eating with your hands for the baby

Benefits of eating with your hands for the baby

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Recent studies have verified that eating with your hands from an early age has many benefits for your baby's health. Sometimes the passage of breast milk or the bottle to the spoon is a bit traumatic, both for children and mothers, who watch in horror as their children spit food while they chase them with the spoon at each movement of their little head.

Babies have a hard time putting something metallic and cold, such as a spoon, into their mouths, while handling their little hands and putting things in their mouths comes naturally to them. So, Why not let the child start eating with his own hands? On our site we tell you what the benefits are.

This is fun for them and helps them discover new flavors and textures. They will be the ones who are curious about trying food and it will not be an obligation.

1- Improve their fine motor skills, using their little hands as a small tweezer and trying to hit the mouth.

2- Develops hand-eye coordination.

3- You will have more fun and therefore you will feel more likely to try new foods, in addition to feeling the satisfaction of feeding himself, developing his autonomy and self-confidence.

This type of diet is highly recommended whenever it is from 9 months of age, at which point the child begins to sit up alone without falling, has lost the reflex to spit what is in his mouth with his tongue and begins to feel an interest in food.

1- It does not matter that it is stained with the food. The clothes go to the washing machine and there is no stain that cannot be removed with a washcloth.

2.- That the food is quite soft enough to be chewed with the gums. Cooked or very soft vegetables and fruits; and the best minced and well cooked meat.

3- Never give medium pieces, but very small to avoid choking. Never sausages cut into chunks, they are the width of a child's larynx and produce severe choking, no cherry tomatoes, grapes or hard cheese.

4- Always watch him while eating so that no more than two pieces are put in your mouth.

5- Do not give him sweets, cookies, or chips. Now he will begin to eat a little less quantity, so try that the calories are not empty, but that they give him a great nutritional contribution.

Learn to enjoy it, this will be a fun experience from which you can learn a lot together.

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