How to cope with having more than one ADHD child

How to cope with having more than one ADHD child

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If parenting a child with ADHD gets tough, parenting more than one child with ADHD can be mission impossible for many parents. And it is more than possible to have several children with attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder.

Do you have more than one child with ADHD? On our site we want to guide you so that you can successfully deal with this situation.

It is true that acting as parents of more than one child with ADHD is not an easy task and it becomes a real challenge. But, in no case, is it impossible. Managing this situation is possible if parents have the necessary tools to act appropriately.

It has been shown that ADHD has an important genetic component. In most cases of children diagnosed with ADHD, the presence of ADHD in one of the parents or a close relative has been found. Therefore, it is possible that we have more than one child with ADHD. But don't worry, don't panic!

The main characteristics of children with ADHD are: hyperactivity, inattention and impulsivity. For this reason, parents have to deal with behaviors such as disobedience, carelessness, absentmindedness, restlessness, lack of listening, low awareness of danger, inappropriate behaviors, low tolerance for frustration, school failure, etc. Therefore, we can conclude that parents of children with ADHD, and especially parents who have more than one child with ADHD, suffer a great level of stress.

We offer you recommendations that will help you successfully manage the behaviors of your children with ADHD and reduce the level of tension in your home:

- Put guilt aside. You should not feel guilty because your children have been diagnosed with ADHD. Guilt only paralyzes and distresses you. It's useless! Don't blame yourself because your kids have ADHD and don't let anyone else do it.

- You are adults. You cannot forget that you are adults. Your children are children and you as parents are able to take control of the situation and help your children to modify their behaviors without creating an atmosphere of tension and anger at home.

- You are a team. The handling of this situation will be more bearable if the responsibility is divided between the two parents. If you act as a team, everything will be easier. Make decisions in a consensual way, support each other, cooperate and of course, do not overrule yourself. Your children have to perceive you as if you were a single person. Firm in your decisions and both following the same direction.

- Adapt the home to the needs of your children. Set clear rules and limits in your home. In addition, it is important that you organize and plan the activities or tasks that children have to do. It is very helpful to establish habits and routines to help children with ADHD function better during the day. All children, and especially children with ADHD, need an organized and structured environment.

- Have a positive attitude and give a lot of affection to your children. Emotions spread faster than a cold. It is important that you do not lose control and remain calm. If you do not try to be calm, you will spread your emotions to the little ones and this will favor chaos and lack of control in your home.

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