The fear of giving birth on the street

The fear of giving birth on the street

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All pregnant women know, from their own or someone else's experience, that childbirth it is a painful experience, in which our body and that of our baby suffer the effects of a traumatic act such as being born or giving birth to a child. However, sometimes the exception proves the rule ...

Not long ago I read in the press the news of a pregnant woman who had a spontaneous birth, no or mild aches, and it has been seen in the middle of the street in an absolutely unusual situation. Personally, I think that situations like these, although painless and seemingly easy, can be distressing in the extreme for the future mother. I think that many pregnant women spend their last months in fear of breaking their water in public or because the delivery comes as a surprise, as it appears in some movies: trapped in an elevator, in a taxi on the way to the hospital or in the office. For which, they prefer to wait calm and relaxed, near their home, near a relative or near the hospital where they intend to give birth, they even calculate the time it would take to make the journey by car at rush hour. Having all the ends tied provides us with some security in a situation never experienced and not without anxiety.

Although having "a short hour" are words of good wishes in the face of an upcoming delivery and is a wonderful ideal, nature usually prepares us for childbirth during the last weeks pregnancy through sporadic contractions, loss of the mucous plug, insertion of the baby, frequent urination, difficulty falling asleep, etc.

Perhaps we have experienced certain changes or annoyances that we have not been able to interpret, but that are certainly at the service of facilitating the expected moment. When labor arrives, more or less short, we will have unequivocal evidence that will urge us. Just as there is no child equal to another, neither births are equal to each other, even in the same woman, usually second or later births tend to be easier for the mother, both physically and emotionally.

Be prepared for any unforeseen make us more sure of ourselves and of our role at this crucial moment. In any case, being a mother in any circumstance is still an extraordinary event that moves the protagonists and potential spectators who accidentally witness the happy event. Each woman must be governed according to her intuition and according to the changes or signals that her body sends her. If you have had a child in unusual circumstances, you may want to share your experience with us, it will surely be nice to remember and very instructive for all future moms.

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