Video: Discussing Bedwetting with Your Child

Video: Discussing Bedwetting with Your Child

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In our relationship with children, we must be able to talk about everything, especially about what can affect their mood or cause anxiety such as enuresis. Our attitude to this pathology may vary, we may not give it importance or be disconcerted and anxious, but in no case should we transmit excessive concern to our child, as it could hinder the future resolution of the problem.

We can talk to our children naturally, although, before the age of 5 or 6, it is better not to intervene, since it is still considered normal at this age to wet the bed, we should only reassure them in the case in which our child suffers from the made to pee on the bed.

When talking to them, we must adapt the amount of information to their age for a better understanding and in no case undermine their confidence in solving the problem, making jokes or making comparisons with other children.

Likewise, we must not fall into overprotection or excessive condescension, which cancels in the child the desire to change the situation and achieve the desired goal: not wet the bed. The child must know that we will always be by their side to help them, even if it may be difficult for them to do so at first.

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