Homemade costume ideas for children's Carnival

Homemade costume ideas for children's Carnival

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If you want to dress up your child as a cloud, you will only have to dress him / her in a white t-shirt and then stick some pieces of cotton all over the t-shirt. A very simple, easy and quick costume to make for Carnival parties.

With a black blouse and pants and a piece of cardboard you can make this original rainbow costume for your child. In addition, it is a costume that can be made with the smallest of the house for Carnival.

A very sweet and very easy to make costume for the children's Carnival. With a few colorful balloons, a large clear plastic bag, and a white T-shirt, the candy costume will be done for your child.

If you are thinking of dressing up your children as a witch or witch, try making this curious costume with cardboard. A hat with tips, mustaches, glasses and a mouth. A very cute witch or witch for Carnival.

You can recycle a cardboard box and turn it into a funny and curious costume for children. It can be transformed into a fun robot for children to have fun at Carnival.

With a very, very long yellow t-shirt, yellow gloves and a hat and some feathers, you can prepare this beautiful and cheerful chicken costume for your children. Surely everyone will love it at Carnival

You can turn a black t-shirt, pieces of cardboard and a headband into a curious ladybug costume for children. You just have to make the ladybug's wings with the cardboard and stick some black polka dots on it. You can glue antennas made of different materials to a black headband.

With an orange or brown pinocchio sheet, plus some pieces of felt of the color that your children like the most, you can prepare this beautiful indium costume. How about? A simple costume for the children's carnival.

With a gray t-shirt, some pieces of gray cardboard and colored paper, you can make this curious Statue of Liberty costume for children. An original costume that your child is sure to love.

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