Why is today so important

Why is today so important

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Healthy human beings live looking forward. We project ourselves towards the future, towards everything we want to achieve and that is what keeps us energized to face setbacks.

But sometimes the excess of the future makes us forget about the present. Every day we should take it as a miniature life. Just as we live TODAY is how we are shaping our entire life.

There are certain things that, as parents, adults, spouses, workers or, simply, people, we should not leave until tomorrow.

Why not have more short-term purposes? Purposes that make us happier as people and as parents:

- You can tell your partner what you haven't dared to tell him yet.

- You canstart a new project that you end up leading to success.

- You can make a habit change that revolutionizes your health.

- You can forgive a person and free yourself from that pain.

- You canmake peace with that part of your body that doesn't suit you.

- You can discover a book that inspires you.

- You can make a decision that will turn your life around.

- You can meet a person who becomes a source of energy.

- You can have a gesture with a stranger that makes the day happy.

- You can join an NGO and donate part of your time to a good cause.

- You can inspire your children to trust themselves.

So never underestimate today or the present moment. Right now take a pencil and paper and decide how you want your day to be. And put it into practice. In fact, it is a great routine to start the day planning it because although life surprises you, each day also depends on the focus you put on it to make it special. Do we start today?

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