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Nursery, club or nanny?

Nursery, club or nanny?

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When we decide to hand over a child to a nursery, club or nanny, we want to make sure that we have made the right choice. What important aspects are good to remember? For sure about the fact that each solution has its pros and cons.

New Act - April 2012

It is not true that the facilities that previously could function as childcare facilities without sanitary control are in any case bad. Among them are noteworthy clubs, to which parents willingly give their children away, and the little ones themselves receive perfect conditions for playing and learning.

The fact is, however, that those facilities opened before April 4, 2011, which in April 2013 (the Act came into force on April 4, 2011) will not want to disappear from the maps of Polish cities they must adapt to changing laws. It will apply to every day care center. If you don't make it by then, you will have to close the branch so you don't risk any illegal activity. April 4, 2013, i.e. on the same day when the Act of February 4, 2011 on the care of children under the age of 3 becomes effective (Journal of Laws No. 45, item 235)

In addition, the new law also regulates another obligation. Forces the entry of nurseries, clubs and other facilities to be entered in the register of nurseries, kept by the head of the commune, mayor or city president (As a reminder, the high-profile case of child abuse in Wrocław concerned an institution established before April 2011, which was not entered in the register. By the way: despite evident evidence, child-abuse babysitters have not yet been punished). This register can be found in the Public Information Bulletin (which is worth looking into when choosing a nursery for a child).

Don't be afraid to ask

Many parents have the blessing to receive information that their small child got into a public nursery, private institution, kindergarten. When he reads this message against the background of undisguised data about the still too few establishments, he keeps good information without asking for much more.

Meanwhile, it is worth realizing that the place where our several-month-old, one-year or even three-year-old child will be staying should be thoroughly checked by us. All our doubts should be dispelled, and every question should find the answer. It is worth going inside, watching the playrooms, the place where the cots are standing. Leaving children in the door and not being interested in what is outside them is a mistake that can cost us a lot of stress.

Just as we check the nanny, "by casting", we should also verify the facility thoroughly daycare. A good attitude is focusing on listening to all opinions (even with the awareness that they are very subjective), searching for information online, at the playground or in the store. Any information can be valuable.


Many branches in large Polish cities have monitoring installed. Thanks to this, parents returning a child to a given place can check how they are being looked after, even taking a break from work and logging in to a special site.

Many parents take a similar step. When hiring a babysitter, they warn that cameras are installed in the house. A person with pure intentions will certainly not receive this information negatively, and the others by giving up will only do us a favor. The cost of installing four cameras in a medium-sized apartment ranges from 1,000 to 3,000 zlotys.

There is another option: purchase of a stuffed toy, which is no different from an ordinary toy at a price of PLN 50. Inside there is a camera with usb.

Child care time

The toddler club and nursery, according to the new law, were clearly distinguished from each other. In the case of a toddler club, the legislator ordered that the child may stay in the facility up to five hours a day. While in the nursery care can be given even for ten hours, and this time can be extended if necessary.

Some institutions, of course, even though they are not nurseries, offer care for longer than 5 hours. In such a situation, however, their owners must take into account the risk of control and closing the facility. Especially after the period of full application of the regulations - from April 2013. Unless they decide to turn the toddler's club into a nursery.

In children's clubs parents can participate in activities conducted with children. There is usually no such possibility in a nursery. Both in the nursery and in the club for one babysitter a maximum of 8 children fall out, unless there is a disabled child or child requiring special care in the group, then this number is reduced to 5 children per guardian.

Child's age

Children's clubs can look after children from first year of life, in exceptional cases also over children with four years (if the child's development does not allow him to be put to kindergarten). However, a child who has already graduated can be returned to the nursery 20 weeks old and leave them there until 3 years old.

In nurseries, children are usually in age groups. In clubs where there are usually fewer children, care is provided for a group of children of different ages, which some consider to be an advantage, assessed as a situation similar to that observed at home.

Or maybe a nanny?

What competences should the nanny fulfill? What features should it stand out? Many parents do not check childminders. He does not ask for an ID card, does not verify references, nor does he assess whether the guardian can provide first aid.
Undoubtedly, babysitting is most expensive. However, it is often rated highest by parents. The working time of the nanny can be set individually, adapting it to the needs of parents and it can take place in the place chosen by the parents. If we also find a person who likes children and has the right approach to them, we can feel satisfied. Similarly, of course, like from a nursery or club after proper checking.