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The best ways to get back pain in pregnancy

The best ways to get back pain in pregnancy

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Back pain in pregnancy can hit hard especially in the third trimester. It can be so large that it is difficult to fall from side to side when lying down. Sometimes wakes up from sleep and is an obstacle during daily activities. How to fight him? Are there safe methods that really work?

Why does pregnant spine hurt?

Back pain in pregnancy is one of the symptoms of advanced pregnancy. It is estimated that more than half of women experience it in the second half of pregnancy. The reason is very simple - center of gravity change (forward), which you compensate by shifting your body posture backwards. As a result of growing abdomen, the pelvis meets the spine in the sacroiliac joint. You may not even notice it, but you adapt your attitude to the changing figure.

Back pain in pregnancy also has a direct relationship with weight change. The more fat a woman is, the greater the risk of discomfort in the sacral spine. The spine which supports the whole body has a difficult task. The blood vessels and nerves in the uterus are also pressed, which results in pain. The problem may also be aggravated by the position of the child in the womb, compressing the nerves in the back area.

The problem can also be muscle separation, pushed away by the growing uterus, which often results in a significant back pain. Muscle tension, which results in pain in the back, is also conducive stress.

Back pain in pregnancy also results from hormonal changes, and especially from the increased secretion of relaxin, a loosening ligament in the pelvic region. As a result of these changes, the joints become looser, which prepares them for the upcoming delivery.

What can you do to minimize back pain in pregnancy?

Back pain in some women passes after delivery, in others it accompanies a newly baked mother for several months after delivery. Unfortunately, there is no rule. What can be done to reduce back pain in pregnancy is to strengthen muscles safely. Helpful are:

  • regular physical effort, especially walking, swimming, riding a stationary bike,
  • improvement of body posture - while walking, sitting, daily activities,
  • don't sleep on your back
  • try sleeping with a pillow between your legs, which relieves your spine. It's best to sleep with your legs tucked up
  • when you stand, spread your legs wide apart for optimal support for the spine,
  • sitting at a desk, place a rolled up towel under the lower spine, rest your feet on a pile of books to get support for your spine,
  • a visit to a physiotherapist who will show you how to exercise during pregnancy to strengthen your back,
  • applying cold compresses to painful places, for a maximum of 20 minutes several times a day,
  • if you want to lift something off the ground, squat
  • give up wearing high-heeled shoes,
  • often in pregnancy, shoes worn so far become tight, if necessary, invest in new pairs with good arch support,
  • A gentle massage may be helpful for back pain during pregnancy.

If your back pain is very severe and has been going on for a long time, talk to a doctor who may ask you to take gentle painkillers that are safe during pregnancy.