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Motivational stickers - yes or no? What?

Motivational stickers - yes or no? What?

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It is widely known that children love to collect something. I assume that each of us as a child also went through this stage. Pockets full of stones and caps, glass balls, colored binder cards, stickers, comics from chewing gum packaging, etc.
Modern children are no exception to this issue, and although ideas for what can be collected change in every generation, the mechanism remains the same. And this is what we can cleverly use as parents and use motivational stickers as one of the educational stimuli to encourage children to "something".

How to use motivational stickers?

The word "something" is crucial in this case, because motivational stickers can help us in many things. If used well, they encourage the little mess to clean the room, convince the little student to study harder, pack the backpack properly and do homework. Nejadków encourage to eat dinner, rascals for polite fun with siblings, etc.

The key when using stickers (or, for example, magnets or other items that you can collect and attach in a visible place) is the iron consequence of parents and clear rules that the child will be able to understand and remember.

The most important motivational element must also appear, i.e. the award crowning the entire collection, i.e., for example, a board filled with stickers, or a certain number of points collected. It is worth remembering that under the concept of reward we do not need and even should not consider only material prizes such as toys, sweets and id. It is definitely better to offer the child a reward in the form of having fun with the parent, trips, going to the cinema etc. It seems to us that children care about toys the most. Most children are happy to give up the possibility of having another doll or car, in favor of painting with mom's fingers or molding mud constructions with dad.

The prize should be known to the child at the beginning. In this way, we will avoid the situation that after collecting the required number of stickers / points we will offer the child something that he will not like and thus discourage him from playing further. Setting rules at the beginning will make the child more eagerly fulfill the sentences entrusted to him the closer to his purpose.

How did motivational stickers work with us?

Depending on the age of the child, the credit award system itself may vary. In the case of single-use stickers, we can assume that our child receives one point for each pre-determined condition - for example, a day without lies, a day with a cleaned room, good grades, etc. In my opinion, reusable stickers or magnets work even better because they allow you to use not only rewards, but also reminders in the form of point loss.

This system worked well with us when my daughter survived preschool rebellion, she fell into hysteria at the mere mention of cleaning, locked herself in the room, slamming the door, etc. We proposed the following system - for each day without such actions, for being nice and helpful, she received one magnet. In the middle day, with a brawl, after which she quickly came to the conclusion that it is appropriate to calm down and apologize, the scoring did not change. However, a day full of fools and quarrels resulted in a point being taken away.
We decided that the prize (in our case it was a trip to the zoo or going to the playroom) will take place after scoring 14 points, which would correspond to two weeks of good behavior. The first time, my daughter worked on these 14 magnets for over a month, because her mood swings constantly forced us to remove points from the board. After receiving the first prize, there was a radical difference in her behavior. The next prizes took place in less than three weeks, until we finally reached equal to 14 days and the board really ceased to be needed.

Sticking subsequent stickers or magnets on the board is also attractive for a child because the number of designs is huge and there will certainly be something suitable for children of all ages.