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Safe songs - competition results

Safe songs - competition results

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It is hard to imagine a better time to release Safe Songs than the beginning of summer. Statistics clearly show that beautiful weather and holidays are a period when the number of accidents is increasing dramatically.

How to talk about threats?

Children and young people have the opportunity to stay longer outside the home, often for the first time they go on holiday alone, meet new people, experiment. Regardless of age, they are exposed to many dangers, which can be talked about in countless ways. At school, there are plenty of talks, meetings with law enforcement officers, psychologists, and watching movies about the consequences of inappropriate behavior. Parents also have a big role to play, explaining to toddlers their dangers, sensitizing them to dangers, believing that if necessary, the child will remember their words.

Education is largely about repetition, so also singing about threats and how to behave in their face is also very important. For this reason, I think the idea of ​​releasing Safe Songs by Studio for You in Opole is very important.

A few words about the album

The CD contains twelve songs about the following threats: smoking, drinking alcohol, taking drugs, hitchhiking, careless behavior over water, playing with fire, playing on ice, playing with electricity, contact with foreign animals, living in excessive noise, excessive trust strangers.

Songs are sung by children, thanks to which they are authentic and have a chance to be taken more seriously than songs that would be sung by adults. Their content has been consulted with psychologists, and the melody line is nice enough to listen to songs with pleasure.

I have a habit of listening to the words of the songs and that's why I can recommend this CD to you, especially if your children are old enough to understand its message. The only downside is the lack of individual song lyrics attached to the album.

Attention, contest! took patronage over the album "Safe Songs". We have three copies for you that you can win in the competition. Just write in the comment below:

  • how to teach children safety in a creative way.

We are waiting for your ideas! And since you have surprised us with your competition answers more than once, we hope that this time it will be.

We are waiting for your answers until July 1. Each person can leave any number of comments. Remember to enter the correct e-mail address when entering your suggestions, only in this way will we be able to contact you to provide the prize.

The results of the competition will be announced by July 7, 2013.