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Security that does not protect

Security that does not protect

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Furniture safeguards are one of the most and least needed things for parents. Why the most? Because if they worked, it would make life much easier. Why least? It is for this reason that they do not seem to benefit much. An infant crawling and climbing on furniture is able to handle most of them in a few seconds.

Despite this, many parents buy better or worse lockers. In good faith, without knowing that most of them after a few days will only be suitable for throwing into a trash can. Starting with the protectors on the sharp edges of cabinets, in the form of self-adhesive elements that each toddler will quickly peel off with curiosity, and ending with locks that "protect" against opening cabinets. A test of such products clearly shows that they are not worth buying.

In giving justice, they must be admitted better and worse choices. It also seems fair that most child safety manufacturers do not hide that you should stop using them if your child reaches them or is able to open them, which is rarely known by parents when shopping. In practice, they are convinced of the real, or even apparent effectiveness. Manufacturers warn against this small print on the back of the packaging.

Experience shows that these types of products serve parents from several days to ... several weeks. As for the cost of about 10 zlotys for one mechanism multiplied by the number of pieces, it is quite a lot ... It is worth considering whether it is worth it. Even if you read dozens of articles that every responsible parent should have this type of protection, you still need to know that they are effective only if you watch your child and follow him step by step. It is your responsibility to monitor whether the toddler is smart enough to open the given protection and whether the adhesive still holds well ...

And what are the tests of individual protections? Here are the results.

Especially impractical protection from Babyono. Not only that, inconvenient for the parent (you should open a special flap, which by the way very quickly "kneading"), it also attracts the child's attention. What's more interesting, toddler needs a few moments to "disarm" this protection. In addition, parts that need to be glued do not work on the rounded surface of the furniture. They have a weak adhesive that does not hold the protection for as long as we have the right to expect. The average price for two pieces is eight zlotys. Apparently not much, but on the other hand it is better to forgive such an expense. Waste of money.

On the wardrobe Babyono protection, which is also suitable for sticking to the fridge and drawers, looks like the picture above.

Babyono in a sense defends itself with a different security. However, only in a sense. Because the protection you see in the picture is more practical than the version above, unfortunately only for a little longer. It is not so easy to peel off, you keep the cabinet on average for a few weeks, but already about a year old child knows how to open it. For younger toddlers, security usually works. The hook design is also risky and breaks easily. Anyway, the security at a price of about PLN 9 for two pieces will serve us from several days to a maximum of a month.

Security for cabinets of a German company works much better Reerwho, despite several attempts to open by an 11-month-old child, remained intact. Plus also for the adhesive that holds the product even if the parent forgets to protect and wants to open the cabinet. For the child when trying to open the barrier is impossible to pass. That's a plus. But…

The manufacturer recommends sticking Reer protection out of reach of children's hands, which in practice is not always possible. Especially in the case of the average growth of a toddler who begins to walk and who measures more than 74 centimeters. For dressers and cabinets with an average of 90 centimeters, securing them with this product in such a way that the closure stays out of reach of the child's hands is virtually impossible. Price around 18 zlotys for two pieces.