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What should the cooperation of a parent of a disabled child with a nanny look like?

What should the cooperation of a parent of a disabled child with a nanny look like?

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Are you looking for a qualified babysitter who will help you look after a disabled child? Here are some tips that will help you work well with your babysitter. You will be calm that your child has the best care, and the nanny will gain confidence and ready-made scenarios for dealing with difficult situations.

Verify the candidate's experience

Think about what qualities and skills you want to babysitter. Is it supposed to be a person with specialized education - an oligophrenotherapist or pedagogue who has completed appropriate courses. Should a person be trained in first aid? Should she have appropriate qualifications in physical therapy or manual therapy. Or, above all, it should be warm, cordial and open to the needs of your child - because stimulation classes and physiotherapy will be carried out by specialists.

Present your expectations

Honestly talk to the nanny what are your expectations for her work. Present responsibilities. Present the state of health of your child - how independent it is, how much support it requires in everyday activities. Don't hide any information - honesty is the key. You must clearly define your nanny's responsibilities. Will she be responsible only for the child to spend free time with creative games, or will she also perform minor medical activities and give medicines to your child? Specify the number of hours and days in the week you expect the nanny to be at your disposal.

Develop action scenarios

Discuss your child's day plan with your future babysitter. Also develop emergency scenarios - so that the nanny knows in what situations she should call you, and which situations will require immediate medical attention. Developing patterns of behavior will help you avoid difficult situations and reduce stress related to entrusting childcare to another person.

Where to look for a proven babysitter?

Children require care, care and patience - double disabled children as well as specialized care. You wonder where to find a trusted, qualified and experienced nanny for your child. Take advantage of the offer of the portal - you will find there profiles of babysitters with appropriate professional experience and education.

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