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Game Bulik, producer Pilch

Game Bulik, producer Pilch

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The first look at this game did not impress me. Just a regular album, surrounded by bands, several colored discs and rubber. Undeterred, however, I went to check her mode of action. And what? And I don't even know when it's been a quarter of an hour. In a moment husband and daughter joined the fun. Although the game is intended for children from 5 years, it also takes care of our two-year-old who tests it in her own ways.

How it's working?

Two people take part in the game. Everyone sets up five tokens on their side. The tokens are available in two colors: blue and red. The player's task is with the help of a special rubber (the length of which can be adjusted in a convenient way: in the construction of the walls of the toy there is a special incision in which you can insert the end of the eraser) puncturing the discs to the other side of the opponent. Whoever does it faster wins. What matters in the game is reflexes, skill and good fingers.

The game Bulik reminds me a little bit of playing cap or even Air Hockey. However, it differs from them in that it is made of wood, it is ecological, in its simplicity inspiring and giving interesting entertainment for the whole family. The toy does not have to shine, play or be very colorful to inspire children.

Is this difficult?

I admit that playing Bulik is not the easiest one, but after a moment of training you can master this art. In turn, for the husband, the game turned out to be child's play. Daughter came up with her rules. And everyone was happy.

However, to thoroughly review the product, we invited familiar older children (aged around 6 years) who were also enthusiastic about the game and who, unlike our two-year-old, played it according to the rules. :)

Are there any disadvantages?

Unfortunately yes. The toy is quite expensive (about 200 zlotys). In addition, it is rather loud. Tossing the chips to the other side does not leave you indifferent. Still, I recommend it.

Plus for durability, very good workmanship, idea and emotions brought by fun in Bulik.

Thank you to the game developer for making the toy available for testing.