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Little Live Pets Cobi Mouse - why a child "almost like a mouse"

Little Live Pets Cobi Mouse - why a child "almost like a mouse"

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Cobi's offer includes many interactive toys. They occupy an important place among them electronic pets - hamsters, parakeets or mice tested by us.

In the mouse category 6 designs are available. As the producer points out on the site - each is different, has a different personality, produces different sounds, behaves differently. One is louder, another is faster, yet another loves to squeak or be cuddled ... Is this really the case? Is buying a Little Live Pets mouse from Cobi a good idea?

Our choice fell on Pieszczoszka (gray mouse) and Gadułka (blue mouse). And the first thing that caught the eye was that apart from different colors, the mice don't differ much from each other. Enabled behave similarly. Perhaps a more careful observation would allow to notice the differences highlighted by the manufacturer, but unfortunately the distinguishing features could be visible at first glance, and they are not. Disappointing ...

The mice have a small button under the mouththat allows you to enable them. After starting, the animal usually moves quickly forward and makes cheerful sounds. Mouse happens sigh and take a nap. However, when it remains active, it is quite fast and can easily run under a wardrobe or other dark place. It is worth being careful because the trapped mouse may have a problem with getting out - in our case, we often used long and flexible objects to pull the toy out from under the wardrobe. The plus is electronic pet endurance, there is no fear of damage in the event of a collision with an obstacle or even during a fall.

You can buy mice accessories such as track (visible in the picture, price around PLN 80) as well house (about PLN 130). That's quite a lot, considering that one mouse costs about 70 zlotys (the manufacturer gives a one-year warranty for the toy).

Despite the minuses mentioned above, the toy is noteworthy. Stands out from the others, raises positive feelings, releases caring instincts in children. It can help if the child dreams of a pet, and for various reasons, he cannot have it. It can also be an important "overview" lesson just before buying a real pet.

Little Live Pets Mouse is recommended for children from 5 years of age. The toys were tested by 5-year-olds and 3-year-olds.

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