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How to clean a child's nose?

How to clean a child's nose?

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The child in the first year of his life breathes exclusively through the nose. Each, even a slight clogging, soiling of the nose and even more the runny nose in the baby impede breathing.

The toddler cannot eat, drink or sleep freely. He becomes restless and cranky and after all, adequate, systematic nose care is enough to make your toddler happy. How to clean your baby's nose properly? When is it necessary? What to watch out for

Why is regular cleaning of the toe so important?

An infant, only breathing through his nose, has no other way to breathe in and out freely. That's why you have to take care of it always clean, unobstructed and properly moisturized.

The inside of the nose should be moist by nature to clean and filter the air that enters the lungs. And what has been filtered out (dust, pollen and also bacteria) can be in the nose and impede breathing. In turn the inside of the nose is too dry it can cause discomfort for the child and also causes that the air that enters the lungs is not cleaned, so the nose stops fulfilling its basic function and it's easier to get an infection. In addition, neglecting to clear the nose may cause baby sap.

How to make it easier for your child to breathe through the nose?

The most important thing is clean, unobstructed and moisturized toe. But it is not everything. You also need to take care of the baby's surroundings so that it does not contribute to the clogging of the nose in any way.

In the room where the child is staying it should not be too warm, the optimum temperature is 21 degrees.

The air should be humidified, and the room often ventilatedwhich can be difficult especially in winter. If necessary, hang around the cot or on radiators wet towels or use a humidifier.

Accessories useful for cleaning the toe

Cleaning the nose should be fast, efficient and completely safe for the child. It all depends on the skill and skill of the parents. It is good to prepare the right accessories beforehand so as not to prolong the whole procedure and not stress the baby. To clean the nose, you will need:

  • cleaning aspirator or pear,
  • handkerchiefs,
  • wet wipes,
  • saline (0.9% sodium chloride solution) or sea water - available at the pharmacy.
  • in the case of a runny nose - nasal drops prescribed by a pediatrician, moisturizing cream for children,

Cleaning the baby's nose step by step

Cleaning the nose is usually quite a difficult task, the toddler is afraid, so he often responds with crying, there is parental stress, which can further complicate the entire procedure. Therefore, it is best at this time to take care of something little or calmly talk to the child and clean the nose efficiently.

It is good to get the baby used to this surgery in the first weeks of life, the toddler will get used to it and it will be a familiar, everyday ritual for him.

The best time is the evening when the child is bathed, then the easiest way to clean the nose.

At the beginning of we put the child on our backs, let 2 drops of saline in each hole. Then slowly move the child to the side or on the tummy so that the secretion can drain itself. We wipe the nose with a tissue and, if necessary, moisten it. If there is still something in the child's nose, you need to gently clean the nose with a pear or aspirator. The nose should be unobstructed and well moisturized.