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Do you wait for delivery after the deadline? Or induce childbirth?

Do you wait for delivery after the deadline? Or induce childbirth?

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The last weeks of pregnancy are difficult for the future mother and her surroundings. A woman may feel irritable, tired and discouragedand also has the right to feel a strong need to end pregnancy and see the child. Situations do not improve comments from loved ones, numerous calls and physical discomfort typical of advanced pregnancy. Everyone who has experienced it understands this perfectly.

Each additional day after the deadline can be a torment, so waiting for delivery after the deadline can be a real hassle. Expectant mother can strive for faster solution - at home and by influencing the doctor to induce labor. It is worth adding that even having all these feelings at the end of pregnancy, a better solution for mom and baby is when the birth will happen by itself. So if your doctor recommends you wait, be patient. However, if you feel mentally that you can't do it, talk about it openly with a loved one and a gynecologist.

Delivery after the deadline - not so rare at all

Is postpartum delivery frequent?

One in five babies are born at 41 weeks gestation or later. If the pregnancy continues for more than 42 weeks, we can talk about transferred pregnancy. About 5 to 10% of women carry babies up to the 42nd week of pregnancy. Unfortunately, many doctors, often just in case, decide to terminate pregnancy faster and artificially induce labor. They are afraid that the baby would not stay in the mother's stomach for too long, because there are data that indicate that some babies die unexpectedly when the pregnancy continues for more than 42 weeks. The risk of fetal harm and delivery of a dead fetus increases rapidly after 42 weeks, especially for expectant women their first child.

Most hospitals and doctors offer a woman induced delivery when she is 41 weeks pregnant - 7 or 10 days after the due date. A woman, if she is not sure what she thinks about this proposal, can always ask for time to decide. Usually, 1-2 days will not make much difference, and this is enough time to analyze the advantages and disadvantages of this solution and prepare any questions that can dispel doubts during a conversation with a specialist. Delivery after the deadline may give rise to additional questions - it's worth giving yourself time to answer.

How to spend your last days actively before delivery?

Are childbirths past your deadline? Instead of waiting and thinking, start acting to keep fit before delivery - read how to prepare for delivery.

There is a lot to do before delivery:

  • prepare tasty dishes that will help you frozen in the first days after delivery,
  • go out with your partner and spend time together - it will be harder later,
  • try to leave the house - come up with a task for each day so as not to sit and wait for childbirth,
  • if you can't sleep at night, use your day to rest, regenerate, read books and film backlog.

Read - what you can do for yourself in pregnancy! This is not the time for boredom.