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When will I get pregnant? - this question ... is the answer

When will I get pregnant? - this question ... is the answer

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Couples seeking a child approach this task with considerable commitment and undisguised joy. We know - moments of closeness in bed are associated with great pleasure.

Unfortunately, enthusiasm usually it doesn't last forever. As the months pass, and you can't see the two lines you want, naturally there is impatience and the question - when will I get pregnant?

When I get pregnant - a fertile couple

When I get pregnant

A healthy fertile couple has a good chance of getting pregnant during the year of unprotected intercourse. Out of 100 couples applying for a child:

  • 20 conceive a child in a month,
  • 70 will conceive a child within six months,
  • 85 will conceive a child within a year,
  • 90 will conceive a child within 18 months,
  • 95 will conceive a child within two years.

These are average numbers, statistics. Some couples have high fertility which means they have a higher than average chance of getting pregnant. Other couples in turn have low fertility, which means that they have to wait for the desired child for a long time.

For couples under 35 years of age without medical problems that may be an obstacle to conceiving a child, it's natural to recommend trying for a baby for two years. If fertilization does not occur in the first year, there is a good chance that fertilization will occur in the second year of efforts.

These factors extend the period of applying for a child

There are factors that can make the period of applying for a child longer. Among them are:

  • man's age, woman's age,
  • processed, poor diet,
  • stressful lifestyle of both partners,
  • very tiring work,
  • underweight or overweight
  • frequency of intercourse (spontaneity in this regard is recommended, not sex with a calendar in hand. Too frequent sex paradoxically
  • reduces the chance of conception than reproduce every 2-3 days).

When I get pregnant I am 35 years old ...

If you are 35 years old, unsuccessful efforts for six months should motivate you to seek medical help. In this case, time, unfortunately, works against you. It's worth checking to see if there are any medical obstacles for you or your partner to get pregnant.

Fertile days assessment

All experts agree - as long as possible, you should approach intercourse spontaneously, listen to your body and your own and your partner's needs. Using ovulation detection devices to perform tests can be extremely stressful and contribute to a lot of frustration. Changing sex into one purpose only often turns on a lock that may hinder your attempts to have children ...

If problems arise, instead of desperately monitoring the cycle and trying to guess yourself when it is best to have sex, it is better to see a doctor and start looking for the cause of the problem.