11 weeks pregnant

11 weeks pregnant

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Are you afraid you will gain too much weight during pregnancy? This will certainly not happen if you stick to the general rules: you will eat healthy products and minimized so-called empty calories - sweets or salty snacks.

Remember that you only need to be pregnant 300-500 calories more each day, so as much energy as one will provide you extra sandwich.

This does not mean that you have to deny yourself any culinary pleasure. Just enough to not give in to unhealthy temptations too often ...


The backs are properly straightened. The toddler is no longer curled up and his head does not fall unknowingly onto his chest. On the ultrasound image you can clearly distinguish the neck and chin.

On the baby's skin can be seen nap. Blood vessels shine through the pink skin. On the pads they shape fingerprints, a network of designs typical only for a given person, now also for your child. The handles are still squeezed, and the baby's growing nails are not yet able to sense.

Although it is not yet possible to recognize sex (even on ultrasound), it is in the case of a girl the ovaries are developing.


Already the first trimester is behind you. Time of difficult changes. In a few days you will enter the second stage, usually a period full of optimism and energy. All unpleasant symptoms should disappear, leaving only joy and peace.

From now on, try your best control your weight on a regular basis and write it down to know how much weight you get and whether it is happening at a good pace. Consult any doctor with any doubts.

What is worth remembering?

Take care of yours well-being and fitness. Very important is Kegel muscle exercisethat help in giving birth and in getting better, to their former fitness after childbirth.

How to practice Tension your vaginal and anal muscles as if you were trying to stop a stream of urine. Try to hold on for 10 seconds and relax them. You can exercise at different times and in different situations - sitting, standing and even lying, being in company or being alone.

From mom's diary

This week, the nausea begins to subside. Hip hip huurrra. There is something to enjoy. Discomfort resulting from the feeling of having eaten a frog is just passing by. This is not all I read somewhere that drugs and chemicals that could damage the fetus in the first 10 weeks are no longer as dangerous as before. This is another reason why you can breathe.

Since I know I'm pregnant, I look behind all prams and try to find myself in a new reality. I look at passing scooters a few years old and at proud mothers carrying their children in headscarves and honestly, I don't know how I will find myself in it. Everything looks beautiful, but until a small child begins to cry (how do I know why), and an older one yells that he wants a cookie ... (here the simpler thing - at least in theory). A beautiful, idyllic vision of parenthood bursts like a soap bubble.

I'm starting to look for guides for pregnant women. Half of them, however, deter medical deadlines, the other part seems too infantile ... I don't buy any.

From dad's diary

Do we have to buy a pram yet? And how much time to spend in front of children's stands? Not much is seen, and I still have one in front of my eyes. It's probably not the best idea to go crazy about it right now. Or maybe I'm wrong? Maybe this is the right reaction?

I need a break from this topic. She goes to sleep and I run.

11 weeks pregnant - movie

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