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Dukting Breakfast set

Dukting Breakfast set

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A simple, yet stimulating creativity toy, with the help of which you can play many scenes. The child in the second year will like it, although the manufacturer indicates that the toy is intended for children who are three years old.

The set was made for preparing sandwiches, playing scenes, feeding everyone in the immediate vicinity, including dolls and teddy bears. It allows for many ways of composing sandwiches and serving them in various forms. The set does not contain chocolate cream or pate, for which a big plus. There is lettuce, cheese, sausage, pepper, egg and sausages, white and black bread.

All parts can be machine washed at 40 degrees (delicate program). However, without ironing or bleaching. Thanks to this, the set can be easily kept clean.

Price: PLN 19.99. Available at Ikea stores.

How was the test? One and a half years old and older children are already playing with it perfectly. It arouses a lot of interest and is not bored for many weeks. Especially when parents show enthusiasm when confronted with the child's culinary possibilities. It is durable, solidly made and practical.