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Exorcised salt for preschoolers

Exorcised salt for preschoolers

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Maciej Orłoś on his Facebook profile presented a photograph received from a "confused parent". A kindergarten child was supposed to get this packet in a religion class.

One commentator explained: "Exorcised salt is used during baptism in a traditional Roman rite. The priest gives her to the child's mouth during baptism. Most of my children cost her at Baptism and all who were baptized in the Catholic Church until 1972. Exorcised, because the priest says at her sacrifice: "I enchant (exorciso) this salt in the name of God ... (...) that it would become a means of salvation for avoiding enemies (...) that it would become an excellent medicine for all who receive it ..." She used to have a very wise and practical significance, because it was added to holy water so that bacteria did not grow in the stoup. After the Council, somehow our shepherds wanted to be smarter than the ages of Christianity and gave it up. And also from the explanation of baptism rites: "salt is a symbol of wisdom that allows you to taste the sweetness of God's food, and by gospel teaching keeps sin from corruption and alleviates evil passions."

And the question is whether it is a good idea to motivate a child to "be polite" or maybe not very apt, because salt is unhealthy? :)