Hypoallergenic washing powder White Deer

Hypoallergenic washing powder White Deer

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Special care must be taken for children's skin. For several months and sometimes years it is advisable to use a special hypoallergenic washing powder. If your child has a tendency to skin changes and allergies, it is worth sticking to hypoallergenic powder for longer. This product is also indicated for people aware of the dangers of using popular brands that contain a whole list of harmful ingredients that negatively affect health.

Washing powder Biały Jeleń is an offer available on the market for many years, included in the offer of a manufacturer with 60 years of experience "Pollena" Przedsiębiorstwo Chemii Gospodarczej Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Sp. k (the manufacturer's offer includes Dzidziuś products). The powder is recommended for washing clothes in washing machines and for hand washing. It does not contain dyes and has a limited amount of fragrance compositions. It has been deprived of the most popular allergens, and its composition is based on natural soap.

Is it effective?

Unfortunately not like "normal" powders, but you can't complain. It will cope with most dirt without any problem, even at 30 degrees. It dissolves well in water and is convenient to use.

It is also worth adding that it does not contain phosphates, which is why it is environmentally friendly.

Price: around PLN 16 for a kilo of 1.5.

Overall rating (I subtract the star for the price):

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