Mothers who have three children are the most stressed

Mothers who have three children are the most stressed

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It can be assumed that the more children a mother has, the more stressed she is. Meanwhile, research proves something completely different. It turns out that women with three children are the most stressed, more than those with four or five children.

A survey of 7,164 American women was conducted and it turned out that the transition from having two to three children is particularly overwhelming for young mothers.

They were asked to rate stress levels from 1 to 10. Mothers with three children rated it 8.5.

Why? Because after the birth of the third child, parents move to the "minority". Studies have shown that when there are at least four children, women are more and more forgiving and thanks to this their stress level is much lower.

When the fourth child is born, parents abandon their perfectionism and set out to "survive" - ​​this is how jokingly summarizes the results of these studies. There is something else that one of the American mothers of bloggers has noticed - you have only two hands. Therefore, when you cross the street, you may be terrified that you will not "keep" all children. It ceases to be so simple when children are small and they like to break free and risk dangerous behaviors ...

In addition, the more children you have, the more confident you begin to feel in your parenting skills. The even number of children also has the advantage that children always have a play companion.

What do you think about the results of the study? Truth?