Low prices for parents and children

Low prices for parents and children

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When it rains outside the windows, the children are bored. Maybe the idea of ​​shopping together is not perfect, but when you need to fill the fridge, it's worth choosing a plan so that shopping is quick and pleasant. Here is our guide to the most interesting promotions.


  • Huggies diapers- PLN 11 you save buying this week a pack of Huggies Super Dry diapers in midi size at Tesco. You will leave PLN 38.99 for each package at the checkout. However, if you go to Super-Pharm you will spend even less - PLN 33.99. In the same drugstore, LifeStyle loyalty card holders can buy Huggies diapers for swimming at a promotional price of PLN 18.99. In contrast, the Super Dry Giga package (size 3.4.5) in Auchan will cost you PLN 60.00. You can get packaging of Pampers New Baby diapers at Drugstores Natura for 34.99 PLN (current price 37.99 PLN).
  • Pampers diapers- All sizes of Pampers Active Baby Economy diapers cost at Super-Pharm instead of 53.99 PLN only 46.99 PLN. If your child likes Sleep & Play diapers, Tesco's packaging in size 3 (58 pcs) will cost you PLN 26.99 (previously PLN 32.99). A mega pack of Active Baby diapers is available in Real for less than PLN 90.
  • Wet wipes- For a four pack of Johnson's Baby wipes (4x63 items) you will spend only PLN 19.99 at Tesco instead of 24.09 PLN. At Super-Pharm, the price of packaging for Bambino wipes has fallen from PLN 6.99 to PLN 4.99. In the same drugstore you will pay not 9.99 PLN (!!!!) for 7.49 PLN for Nivea Baby wipes. Will you be tempted by such a promotion? You will buy a double pack of Pampers Baby Fresh wipes at the supermarket at a 20% discount, i.e. for PLN 11.99. Even cheaper - for 9.99 PLN you can buy them at the Drogeria Natura.
  • Cosmetics- By showing the LifeStyle card at the Super-Pharm checkout for Sensodyne 50ml toothpaste you will pay PLN 8.99 and you will also receive a free cup and 3 times more points that will increase your LifeStyle account. There you can also get all Johnson's Baby olives with a 20% discount. The same discount applies to the entire Nivea Baby series as well as Maziajki soaps and shampoos. Amateurs of Johnson's Baby body and hair wash in a 500ml bottle will enjoy the fact that at Tesco they will spend it instead of PLN 18.29 only PLN 13.99 (you will spend the same amount at Drogeria Natura). However, on the body lotion from the Bedtime series you save only PLN 1.50, paying PLN 9.99.


  • Drinks, juices, water- Four 300ml Bobo Frut juices you will get at Tesco for PLN 9.49. You will pay up to PLN 2 less at Super-Pharm for a half-liter Hipp lens. The condition of purchasing it in the amount of PLN 5.49 is having a LifeStyle card. You can buy Kubuś Play 400ml drinks at the promotional price of PLN 1.99 at the Polo Market.
  • Milk- You can get Hipp Bio Combiotik 2,3,4,5 modified milk in a 800g can at Super-Pharm for PLN 34.99 (current price: PLN 42.99). On the other hand, at Tesco you will pay for an identical offer cheaper - PLN 33.59. You can buy various types of Nestle milk in 350g packs in Carrefour for PLN 13.99.
  • porridge- Until PLN 9.29 you have had to spend at Super-Pharm for 230g Nestle milk and rice porridge. Now you will get it for PLN 7.49. At Tesco, buying the two porridges mentioned above, you will pay PLN 7.49 for the first, PLN 3.74 for the second. There you will also save PLN 1 for every 350g pack of Minima porridge from BoboVita, which will amount to PLN 12.59. In Auchan 180g a packet of BoboVita rice porridge costs PLN 5.09. Three packages of milk-and-rice BoboVita porridge in the Polo Market are an expense that will amount to PLN 14.98.
  • Soups and dishes- PLN 2 you will save by buying two Hipp dishes in Tesco in a 220g package for PLN 11.59. And two 250g BoboVita jars will cost you PLN 9.29. You will get 190g Gerber children's dishes for PLN 1 cheaper at Super-Pharm - for just PLN 4.49. The price of 250g Hipp dinners at the Polo Market dropped from PLN 6.99 to PLN 5.99 per item.
  • desserts- Only now you can buy two 130g Gerber desserts at Tesco for PLN 4.34. You will pay only 3.99 PLN in Carrefour for 6 packages of 50g Danonków.


  • Books- Small readers will be happy about new book publications from the series "Interesting why." You can buy each of them at Tesco for PLN 3.99. You will get a more expensive PLN for educational books, on which cards appear the favorite heroes of the little ones. At Pepco for less than PLN 5 you will get coloring pages with stickers that can decorate the walls of a children's room, furniture or sheets of paper. On the other hand, you have to pay PLN 12.99 for a book that activates a baby 3-6 years old. From 23.07 in Biedronka, books from the series "University of the toddler" will be available for PLN 6.99 per set. They are targeted at children aged 2,3,4,5 and 6 years old.
  • For the garden- A swing on which older children can swing under the watchful eye of a guardian, is available at Tesco at a price lower by PLN 75, i.e. for PLN 74.99. In the same supermarket you will receive a 50% discount on the purchase of a swimming pool with a nice inflatable elephant, which will cost you less than PLN 60. You will also get a licensed rubber ball with a diameter of 23cm for PLN 5, while 100 plastic balls in a basket-net cost PLN 50 for two packages. You'll get a large sandbox set consisting of a grinder, bucket and molds at Carrefour for just PLN 6.99.
  • For small and large- Children of all ages love blowing soap bubbles. A charming device that will take care of your kids for a long time with the Hello Kitty or Gromitti logo will be purchased at Pepco for PLN 2.99.


  • trolleys- If you decide to buy a light and manoeuvrable Hauck sports pram, you will pay Tesco for it as much as 175 PLN cheaper, i.e. 154.99 PLN.
  • vehicles- Runner bicycle made of wood is 109 PLN in Carrefour. You will also pay PLN 39.99 for roller skates with Batman. However, a set that includes roller skates, a helmet and protectors will cost you 54.99 PLN. Supporters of two-wheelers will enjoy the Active steel scooter, which in Real has been discounted from PLN 90 to less than PLN 50.
  • To the baby's room- You don't know how to effectively take care of your child's room? Plastic treasure boxes, which have been enriched with wheels to facilitate movement, can be a great solution. You will pay PLN 22.99 for each of them at Tesco.
  • On a trip to school- Colorful backpacks for children will get in Real for PLN 4.99. You can buy a pack of 12 Bambino pencils in Biedronka for PLN 4.99.
  • Security- You can get a Smartline car seat in the 9-25kg weight range in Real for as little as PLN 199 (previously PLN 229.99)
  • Hygiene- When learning how to use the toilet, potty will be useful, which you can buy in Real for PLN 8.99 or PLN 14.99. You will get a toilet seat cover for PLN 29.95.


  • Underwear- Baby rompers can be purchased at Carrefour for PLN 12.99. In Pepco body with colorful prints and rampers you will get for less than PLN 10 per item
  • For babies- Comfortable sweat pants for babies is less than PLN 13 at Carrefour (you will pay the same amount in Real). And for a baby t-shirt with a picture of Maya the Bee, Smurfette, Minnie Mouse or Winnie the Pooh you will pay PLN 7.99. In Real, children's dungarees will amount to 25.95 PLN.
  • Footwear- You can buy baby sandals in Real at PLN 10 and PLN 15 per pair.

The duration of the promotion

Super-Pharm 12.07- 25.07
Tesco 19.07- 25.07
Carrefour 18.07- 23.07
Real 19.07- 25.07
Auchan 18.07-24.07
Polo Market 18.07-24.07
Pepco 20.07-09.07
Drugstores Natura 12.07-25.07
Biedronka 16.07- 29.07