SupeRRO Newborn - a blanket for the most delicate

SupeRRO Newborn - a blanket for the most delicate

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Whoever has not touched the material made of 100% bamboo is not able to imagine all the advantages of this product. Unfortunately ... because the biggest advantages of this seemingly ordinary light blanket are hidden in it: in bamboo, which is not only very delicate, it is suitable both for light cooling of the body and for its heating, so it works well hot days when we want to protect ourselves from the sun and a little cooler when we are looking for a light outerwear.


The blanket has dimensions of 70 × 70 cm. We can use it in many ways. As:

  • baby diaper
  • cocoon for newborn baby
  • a thin blanket
  • swaddle on a walk
  • sun visor
  • a delicate towel

The best material

Bamboo is popular with manufacturers of children's products. Not without a reason. He is:

  • ecological,
  • anti-fungal,
  • anti-allergy,
  • has thermoregulation properties (2-3 degrees cooler than ambient temperature in summer),
  • absorbs 60% more moisture than cotton,
  • absorbs UV radiation,
  • neutralizes unpleasant odors,
  • 100% biodegradable.


The fabric from which SupeRRO is made has Oeko Tex Standard.


Available 4 colors: pastel pink, blue, gray and ecru. Gray piping with white dots.

I would recommend!

Added on 14.07.2014 - the bamboo swaddle has also been available in a larger size 110 × 110 cm for several days.

Price: 42 zlotys