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Playground - a place ... of learning!

Playground - a place ... of learning!

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Almost every mother knows that outdoor movement is important for a child's development. Each of us accepts this information as a fact, but have you ever wondered whether the form of spending time outside matters? What is the difference between a walk and madness on ladders? Is parent-child fun more beneficial than peers?

How does the brain mature?

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Let's take a closer look to answer these questions development of the human central nervous system. This is a complicated process being a distinctive feature that distinguishes us from animals. Our brain matures for years. The strongest development occurs during the fetal period and the first years of a child's life. Hence the frequent questions of psychologists diagnosing disorders in children about the course of pregnancy and the first days of life. The gradual development of the human cerebral cortex is a fantastic manifestation of the maturation of his body. And the more we stimulate a child's brain from birth, the more permanent nerve connections it creates. It is these "magic" connections between neurons that are primarily responsible for the work of our brain, for the ability to make decisions, for remembering and learning. One-time stimulation will result in the formation of so-called memory traces only in the form of a connection pattern. But when the stimuli are repeated - these patterns will transform into permanent connections.

What does the playground have for brain development?

In 1913, French researcher E. Dupre noticed strong relationship between the development of motor skills and the development of the child's mind. Put simply, the more opportunities we give our children for physical development, the more efficiently their psyche, cognitive skills, writing, reading and speech will develop. And how does the playground mentioned above relate to this?

It's perfect place of exercise! All ladders, obstacle courses, drawbridges allow exercise sense of balance while having great fun. It is worth mentioning that balance exercises are very common element of therapy in children struggling with the problem of dyslexia, because they stimulate the same areas of the brain. Slides, carousels, swings greatly contribute to the development of the ability of spatial orientation, awareness of your body and its position in the environment. Thanks to this form of play, our child will have a much better chance of learning how to read and write quickly and correctly, but also counting or geometry. Interestingly, thanks to motor stimulation we will develop his imagination.

Another great fun supporting our child's brain development will be fun in the sandbox. Let the toddler play with dry and wet sand, pick up handfuls of grass and create a garden in front of the sand castle. Let's show that you can pick up rough and hard sticks, and then make a palisade of them around our budowli. Let's pay attention to the variety of structures that our baby's skin has to deal with. When it's warm, let him take off his shoes, let tactile stimuli also affect other parts of his body, not just his hands. Let him play with water.

Why is this so important?

The development of the touch system is closely related to the development of the proprioceptive system. Proprioception is the sense responsible for receiving stimuli associated with the movement and location of our body. Thanks to him we have body awareness we control the strength of our muscles, and thus motor skills.

Sounds familiar? Yes, we talked about how at the beginning significantly, motor development affects children's mental development. The brain is really complex, and all its functions are very closely related.

Let's move away from these scientific considerations and think about what else can our children spend time spent on the playground?