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Children born in October

Children born in October

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October is the tenth month of the year. He is 31 days old. It is the longest month of the year.

It is in October that the time changes, which also has a direct impact on young parents, who are often excited about the possibility of a baby being born when we change watches.

Delivery in October

Women giving birth in October, when preparing the layette, include so-called transitional clothes that can be adapted to the aura during this period. They often choose warm rompers, medium-thick hats, jackets, and sometimes overalls. The end of October slowly begins the winter season, with thicker clothing and capricious aura.

Signs of the zodiac

In October, weights are born (until October 23) and scorpions (from October 24). Wagom is patronized by Venus, which leads dance, music, harmony and peace. This sign belongs to the element of air, it is close to artistic souls. Scales are distinguished by diplomacy, they try to peacefully resolve any disputes, strive for balance, achieve goals set in advance. People under the sign of weight exhibit innate diplomacy.

Unfortunately, the weights are also indecisive, they often have trouble making decisions.

Scorpio is a sign attributed to the element of water. People under this sign are eager to face life, like to spend time actively, reach out where others are afraid, face mysteries and unpopular spheres. Scorpio is earnestly seeking the truth about reality, even if it was to be brutal, in the opinion of scorpions it is better than none or worse: a lie. People under this sign are so-called strong characters, warriors who are not alienated by trouble and failure. They push forward, often despite everything, regardless of anything.

Stones of people born in October

Opal - main symbol of the month

Flowers symbols of October

The symbol of October is marigold, and with it sadness and compassion.

Giving birth, but not in October?

Interestingly, a large number of women plan to give birth in the summer. They try to "aim" so that the baby is born when the weather is good. Particularly idealized time is late spring, which allows the baby to stay outside for a long time, when the newborn and the baby sleep most of the day. According to surveys conducted among young women, a large group of future mothers dream of giving birth in June. The last places are October and November. These are considered the worst for the birth of a child.

On the other hand, delivery in October has many advantages. We often have nice weather in Poland. Recent years indicate that during astronomical winter we can even count on spring, and spring on snowdrifts ... Hence, everything is really possible and nothing is foregone. In addition, the birth of a child in October allows you to raise your baby through the winter and summer to enjoy a larger baby. With annual maternity leave, the practical aspect of planning options for enjoying maternity leave in summer is of secondary importance.

Higher likelihood of allergies?

Research carried out by Finnish scientists has shown that children conceived at the beginning of the year may be more prone to food allergies.

Children born in October, November and the first winter months are more likely to develop eczema, asthma and respiratory murmur than children born in spring and summer. For the month of October this risk was 9.5%.

Researchers point out that the cause may be increased pollen in spring, increased risk of viral infections, and exposure to sunlight at an early stage of pregnancy. It may be related to vitamin D levels.

Vitamin D levels vary depending on the season of the year, what you eat, and UV exposure in sunlight. Vitamin D is thought to play an important role in regulating our immune systems and developing our bones.

A Finnish research team has collected data on 5920 Finnish children born between 2001 and 2006. From birth to the age of four, 961 of these children underwent food allergy tests.
Researchers found that 11% of babies who were 11 weeks pregnant in April or May had food allergies, compared to 6% of babies in the same development period in December and January.