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"Overcome allergies"

"Overcome allergies"

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Is your child allergic? Perhaps you just found out that you do not tolerate certain foods? Then this position should interest you. You can venture to say that this is a kind of bible for everyone who needs to introduce an elimination diet: dairy, gluten-free or rotational (if you are allergic to a lot of foods).

Overcome your allergy

The biggest advantage of this publication is extensive knowledge: presented in a simple, readable, understandable form. On the pages of the book we will find the answer to the question of how cow's milk allergy manifests itself, how can gluten harm, or does the allergy pass, what mistakes to avoid after diagnosing food intolerance, how to read the signals sent by the body. The author - dietitian - presents six, not at all easy, steps to get out of allergies.

The first impression after reading the recommendations can cause shock, embarrassment and a desire to escape. However, rethinking Bożena Kropka's concept brings other thoughts: shy: it makes sense ...

Get ready for the baby coming

The book contains numerous suggestions and recipes to prepare for the arrival of a child. It dispels doubts whether a diet during pregnancy helps reduce the risk of allergies in young children. The author also gives tips on how to compose your menu so that it does not run out of anything important when trying to get a baby.


The book is a rich source of culinary inspirations that can be used in the diet of a healthy and allergic person. I tested several recipes to be able to evaluate this book more objectively. And I admit I have mixed feelings.

On the one hand, the recipes presented here are quick and simple, which is their huge plus. On the other hand, many of them seem underdeveloped.

The author shares tricks for preparing many dishes: starting from breakfasts, through dinners, snacks, and ending with dinners. Many of them are to put it mildly: bland ... and difficult to accept, especially by an adult and a few-year-old (it is easier for an infant who is just learning new flavors).

Unfortunately, I also found a recipe that simply fails (e.g. apple pie - the bottom of porridge during tasting resembles sand ...). In addition to not quite good recipes, there are also very interesting recipes: for buckwheat patties, garni butter, lentil soup, healthy fries, sunflower butter. All can be prepared quickly and easily. And because of these recipes I rate the book highly.


Unfortunately, the publication lacks footnotes that would facilitate the extension of knowledge in a given topic. There is a bibliography at the end of the guide, but this is not enough in places that raise doubts, for example, where the author writes that blood tests for celiac disease are not performed in children under 3 years of age (and they are done, as I know , from a friend's doctor). There could be many examples ...

Generally, I recommend ...

Thank you to the Family Publishing House for providing a review copy of the book