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About beating children

About beating children

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There was a scandal on one of the online social profiles. The administrator placed a photo of a solid leather belt with a commentary: the best medicine for ADHD, dyslexia, dysortography and dysgraphia. Within three hours the photo gathered over 2,000 likes. Hundreds of people have left comments praising the "strip method." In a country where corporal punishment is prohibited by law, people without a shame admit to beating children and urging others to do so. It is sad.

Stress-free education? What's this?


Colloquial name for various educational methods. Exaggerated, warped and without reason. In Poland it was a kind of trend. It was an escape from conservative education, an escape too far. This experiment was doomed to failure in advance and he suffered it quite quickly. Until now, however, the mythical "stress-free upbringing" is synonymous with parental weakness, educational failure, and no impact on the child. Unfortunately, it is also an excuse to ... beating.

Education without violence

No, education without violence is not the same as stress-free. Education without violence is simply ... education without violence. It can't be more clearly. Any attempts to equalize both terms only indicate ignorance and are usually an attempt to justify one's own choices.

How do fighters justify their actions?

  1. If you do not hit your child, it means that you are raising them stress-free.
  2. Children who are not beaten do not respect their parents.
  3. Beating teaches (anything).
  4. Spanking, shaking, jerking is not beating.
  5. "I give a very light spank, which doesn't hurt."
  6. I was beaten and that's why I grew up "on people".
  7. I beat because I love!

Why do we REALLY hit children?

  1. Because we were beaten ourselves.
  2. We don't control our emotions. We are stressed.
  3. We do not know or cannot use alternative forms of education.

In general opinion, beating disciplines a child and makes him or her "polite". If the parent's ambition is to intimidate and force the child to obey by fear, there is no better method. What about those who get carried away? They beat because they don't know the alternative? Do they feel powerless? They want to stop? Nobody's Children Foundation, I Love campaign. I do not slap, they not only fight for the right of children to physical integrity, but also help parents.

And now the facts. What are your risks by beating your child?

First of all, despite what most parents say about violence against their own children, slate is also beating! The delicate slap, which supposedly does not hurt and do not hurt the child, can be put between cartoons. No parent measures the times with cold precision. Beats with an open hand - in anger, not often not hitting the bottom, but instead, e.g. in the back. Usually the child tries to escape from the impact, so it is additionally held with a free hand. It is accompanied by a struggle. This way you can simply harm a child in the world! In addition to possible physical injuries, the psyche also suffers.