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Super Toy Mr B

Super Toy Mr B

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Upon completion, a link will appear to access the found materials. recommends Mr B. For a reason. Before we decided to place the portal logo on the manufacturer's website and in the description attached to the toy, we saw Mr B in detail. The toy was also tested by the youngest people in the editorial office. The result surprised us.

However, in turn.

Mr B is a product in 100% made in Poland: from tags, through material, and ending with the heater. In this way, the Lullalove brand focused on quality, excluding any compromises, including the possibility of using cheaper Chinese substitutes. Thanks to this, it was created fully safe product, compliant with the EU directive.

Lullalove is a group of young designers debuting on the toy market, which by fulfilling childhood dreams, wants to introduce to the Polish market high-quality, useful and, above all, well-designed products that will please the child's eye. However, those that not only lie on the shelf, but allow you to discover the secrets of the world and make life easier for both little ones and their parents.

Mr B combines two solutions: a pleasant to the touch toy - a cuddly toy with a revolutionary idea that helps to deal with colic: stomach ache and worse well-being in an infant. Toy designed in vivid contrasting colors is to stimulate the baby's eyesight from the first weeks of life. It was made of plush stuffed with antiallergic nonwoven fabric. Handles Mr B encourage biting, bringing relief to a teething toddler, while one of the legs gently rustles, stimulating baby's hearing.

The distinguishing element of the toy is salt cartridge, with a thin stick inside. After bending, the heater reaches a temperature of 54 degrees and maintains this temperature for several dozen minutes. The insert inserted into the special hole on the back of the MR B can be placed on the baby's tummy, pleasantly warming up painful places and replacing the dryer or wet diaper: known methods for colic.

The manufacturer points out (although we have not personally checked it) that Mr B can also help with bronchitis or pneumonia, warming up similarly to chest ointment, which is used in older children.

The salt refill is reusable. After use, simply wrap it in a cloth and put it in hot water, cooking until soft.

Mr B. costs PLN 79. This is not a low price (for a soft toy), but adequate for the quality. Noteworthy is careful workmanship, original design and the opportunity to use the advantages of the toy as colic remedy, and in older toddlers Mr B can be especially useful during autumn and winter walks, warming up cold hands with his warmth.

Mr B is the first HIT in our ranking officially recommended by the Editorial Office of!

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